For prevention of new COVID-19 infection spread, we change business contents.
We would appreciate your understanding.


Reservation; and is confirmed vacancy

Check-in 14:00 / Check-out 11:00



  • Though we made WEB reservation, confirmation email does not arrive from official site.

  • Causes such as environment of registration mistake and PC of e-mail address are thought about. When reservation reconfirmation email does not arrive within two days after reservation, sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact at the following.

    <contact information>
    Room Resevations toll free number 0120-998-913/TEL.075-223-2333 (business hours: on weekdays on 9:00-21:00 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9:00-19:00)
    ※When email does not arrive, we will confirm over telephone.
    ※Please specify phone number of contact information by all means.

  • When we cancel WEB reservation of official site?

  • Cancellation is possible from official site.
    In addition, please make a reservation after the cancellation again once when it is changed the number of people and the number of the rooms. (reservation number and e-mail address are necessary.)
    When you do not know operation method, please connect with Room Resevations over telephone.

  • Cancellation fee?

  • We would like notification of cancellation within two days before accommodation date.
    Thereafter, it takes cancellation fee.

    The day before → 20% of hotel charges
    On the day → 80% of hotel charges
    Non-night → 100% of hotel charges

    ※It may vary according to accommodation plans.
    ※Group reservation is excluded.

  • With accommodation plan of official site and various special treatment rates, discount coupon can use together?

  • We cannot use together. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Can you hope for non-smoking room?

  • Please request a non-smoking room when making reservations. But approve as you deodorize and non-smoking room is fully occupied or work every possible in room type of non-smoking room without offering.

  • Can you hope for upper floors or good room of scenery?

  • We accept as hope.
    Please note that you may not meet requirements by availability of the day.

  • We are thinking about accommodation of child for the examination for university. Is there any special plan?

  • We offer examination plan.
    Including forwarding service to university of neighborhood and reasonable plan with dinner is available in peace.
    Please refer to Room Resevations (toll free number 0120-998-913/TEL.075-223-2333) for period and the details including rate.

  • Stay with child.

  • The hotel charges of child shared a bed with are free.
    ※When you want crib (free) for 0 years old child, please contact beforehand. (number includes limit)
    ※As there is not child rate in the case of the use in extra bed, it is adult and the rate (it includes 2,420 yen consumption tax, service charge).
    ※We may not place crib extra bed depending on room type.

  • After before check-in or the check-out, can we leave baggage?

  • I take baggage of guest in 1F Front Desk. (free)

  • We want to send baggage to hotel beforehand.

  • Please send to the following addresses. (please specify/hotel guest name by all means on accommodation date)
    Karasuma Shijo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8412
    Karasuma Kyoto Hotel Front Desk is addressed
    TEL. +81-75-371-0111

  • Can you connect the Internet?

  • You can use existence line, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) free.
    Wired LAN, please use LAN cable comprising in room.
    Wireless LAN has you connect to designated access point (SSID) and by having browser start, can have access to the Internet.
    ※There is not rental of PC.
    For more details, it is this

  • Is the seeing and hearing of TV free?

  • Ground wave is available free.
    Furthermore, all rooms can see movie you like from 150 titles anytime at time you like in a night (until check-out time) of exclusive "room theater card" day when they purchased by the purchase (one piece of 1,000 yen) as they introduce VOD (video on demand) system.

  • Amenity / Equipment of Guest Rooms?

  • Amenity / Equipment Toothbrush shampoo conditioner razor shower cap body soap body sponge hairbrush
    [equipment] One set of nightclothes slippers towel, dryer
    ※Available on request
     → Lady - set (cleansing gel, face wash, moisture lotion, moisture Milky essence), desk lamp (prior reservation required)

  • Can I have medicine at hotel?

  • At our hotel, we do not offer pharmaceutical products by regulations of medicine machine method Article 24.
    I am sorry to trouble you, but please refer for customer you like as you have preparations before visit beforehand or will introduce hospital, drugstore around the hotel in Front Desk.
    (you may not purchase depending on time and day.)

  • The use of Parking?

  • Parking rate of customer staying at our hotel is 1,500 yen per night. The use time is ... 11:30 at 14:00 of arrival. (as for the overtime 30 minutes ¥300)
    ※Of Parking please note that making a reservation does not receive.
    ※Parking has entrance in the front of hotel. Vehicle height restrictions are 3.0m.
    ※In the case of no vacancies, we inform of Parking close to hotel.
    ※We have limit at the storage of number and entrance and exit time. For more details, please refer to Front Desk.

  • Can you use pool fitness?

  • I'm sorry, but there is not facility of pool fitness at our hotel.

  • Is credit card usable to pay?

  • Cards such as master Diners AMEX, JCB, VISA, UC, NICOS, DC, Saison are available.

  • Is gift coupon usable to pay?

  • Gift coupon of Diners, JCB, VISA, UC, NICOS, DC is available.

  • Is foreign currency changemaker in hotel?

  • It is in hotel 1F lobby. (use time 9:00-21:00)
    ※Only exchanges from foreign currency to Japanese Yen support.

  • For payment, is traveler's check usable?

  • We are not doing the handling of traveler's check.
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.

  • Can you pay beforehand?

  • There are the following methods. For more details, please contact on the telephone separately.

    ・Payment by bank transfer
    ・Payment (cash, card) by visit


  • Is there service of Parking when we used restaurant?

  • As for the Parking, there is entrance on the front side of hotel. (vehicle height restrictions 3.0m)
    We will issue parking service ticket (as for the lunchtime use until up to two hours as for the dinnertime use until up to three hours) to customer who used restaurant.
    ※In the case of no vacancies, we inform of municipal management Parking (about 10 minutes on foot) nearby. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

  • Does it cost cancellation fee?

  • We would like notification of cancellation by the day before last. We do not take cancellation fee, but cancellation fee may be caused to customer of special and group basically.
    For more details, please consult over telephone.

  • Is there private room?

  • As for the Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee, Japanese Restaurant "Irifune" offers private room which is available from a small number of people to 20 people from a small number of people to 32 people.
    Including private room charge please refer to the following in detail.

    Information for Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee private room
    Information for Japanese Restaurant "Irifune" private room

  • Are there chair and menu for child in restaurant?

  • Of chair for exclusive use of child there is offering, but do not offer menu.
    To wanting customer, I make Special Menu for child.
    Please order to the staff casually.

  • Is there non-smoking section in restaurant?

  • In-house restaurant bar is entirely non-smoking including private room.
    Smoking, please use Smorking Booth of 2F.

  • We do not stay, can you use only restaurant?

  • Including local customer, many customers use restaurant.
    Please visit casually.

  • Though we made WEB reservation, confirmation email does not arrive from official site.

  • We set when we have you propose to see to address that had you input by yourself in own motion. (automatic reply email)
    When automatic reply email does not arrive, causes such as registration mistakes of environment and e-mail address of PC are thought about.
    When reservation reconfirmation email does not arrive after making a reservation, sorry for your inconvenience, but please let know over telephone.

Banquet / Meeting / MICE

  • Do we want to use the Internet line in Banquet Hall?

  • Wired LAN
    Use of the Internet line is always possible in all Banquet Hall. (pay)
    We rent hub by use number of PC. (pay)
    For details, please refer to the person in charge.

    Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
    From apparatus (including PC which incorporated wireless LAN card, tablet terminal) for wireless LAN, we come by broadband connection. WEB reading is available through the high-speed Internet line comfortably.
    For more details, it is this

  • We are thinking about party, what kind of dishes are recommended?

  • We offer all by the direct management including Japanese dishes, Chinese Restaurant at Karasuma Kyoto Hotel and will suggest dishes which are recommended to venue, format, budget in total from a small number of people to a great number of people. Please use many party food which chef recommends with confidence.
    For more details, it is this