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Large banquet hall "Gyoun"

The entire space of Gyoun is approximately 1,230m²,and its refined banquet space and exclusive lobby suits for various uses.
The hall is capable of holding various events such as reception parties, conferences, exhibitions.
We provide full support for arranging wonderful occasions with our spirit of hospitality.
Installed with a high luminance / resolution projector and top quality speakers. The walls use excellent sound absorbing materials,which helps to deliver exceptionally clear sounds.
The acoustically designed space makes it possible to create realistic and dynamic effects when displaying projected images.

Floor Size1,227m²
Guest Capacity70~1,500 people
Ceiling Height6.0m



Layout The number of people Floor Size
Gyoun 800 1,227m²
Gyoun (2/3) 500 820m²
Gyoun (1/3) 250 410m²
Gyoun + Foyer 1,000 1,736m²


Layout The number of people Floor Size
Gyoun 1,000 1,227m²
Gyoun (2/3) 680 820m²
Gyoun (1/3) 340 410m²
Gyoun + Foyer 1,400 1,736m²


Layout The number of people Floor Size
Gyoun 740 1,227m²
Gyoun (2/3) 480 820m²
Gyoun (1/3) 240 410m²
Gyoun + Foyer 1,736m²


Layout The number of people Floor Size
Gyoun 1,500 1,227m²
Gyoun (2/3) 1,000 820m²
Gyoun (1/3) 500 410m²
Gyoun + Foyer 1,736m²


Layout The number of people Floor Size
Gyoun 130 1,227m²
Gyoun (2/3) 100 820m²
Gyoun (1/3) 70 410m²
Gyoun + Foyer 1,736m²

Floor map

Venue Facilities

Sound facilitiesSound facilities

  • ◆ Wired microphone
  • ◆ Wireless microphone

Video facilitiesVideo facilities

  • • Electric projector screen (4m×3m 200 inches /5 screen) etc.
  • • Projector (10000 ANSI lumens)

Lighting setupLighting setup

  • ◆ LED indirect lighting~RGB light control
  • ◆ LED moving light
  • ◆ LED table light
  • ◆ PAR can
  • ◆ Pin spot light



  • • Simultaneous interpretation system for international conference