For prevention of new COVID-19 infection spread, we change business contents.
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Reservation; and is confirmed vacancy

Check-in 15:00/check-out 11:00

Kyoto Hotel Okura Villa Kyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso

Japanese dishes Kyoto Hotel Okura Villa Kyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso

With the seasonal beauty of Japanese garden,enjoy wholeheartedly prepared Kyoto Cuisine using fine ingredients.
Visitors can gaze out over "Sekisui", a garden at the foot of Mount Awata that reflects the beauty of the passing seasons, as they enjoy the essence of Japanese cuisine.
To tongue, we provoke to a time of supreme bliss to stimulate Gokan to eyes.

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  • Kyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso 02
  • Kyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso 03
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  • Kyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso 05
Business hours Lunch 12:00-15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
Dinner 17:30-20:00 (L.O. 19:00)
※Offer of alcoholic beverage is 12:00-19:00
The number of the seats 10 private rooms (2-40 people) Layout in shop

Layout in shop

Address 2-15, Awadaguchi Sanjobo-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Access 5 minutes on foot from the Sanjo-jingu-do stop on the 5th route city bus.
Approximately 5 minutes on foot from getting off at Subway Tozai Line Higashiyama Station Exit 1
※Parking: 3 cars
Parking is limited. Please contact us in advance when coming by car.
RemarksAnnouncement of end of the business (PDF)
Entering a shop guide to the same table of the same GROUP should be principle less than four people by request of Kyoto
[store targeted for Go To eat]
Children of 10 years and over are allowed. (Dinner)
All in building and the sites give up smoking
We guide along guidelines on prevention of new COVID-19 infection spread

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