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Check-in 15:00/check-out 11:00

Information for breakfast

Breakfast offers Irifune, Orizzonte and room service.

Japanese Restaurant Irifune

A time of harmony to have while enjoying beautiful making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden among Higashiyama. As for one article one article that we made up carefully, true heart of cook is put without regretting labor and time.

Place 6F
Business hours 7:00-10:00

・Supreme breakfast "Specialty breakfast of softshell turtle small pot" which spends elegant time luxuriously in morning

・Breakfast "Japanese breakfast" only in Kyoto where true heart of cook is felt


・Specialty breakfast of soft-shelled turtle small pot 6,050 JPY (included tax and service charge)

・Japanese breakfast 3,267 JPY (included tax and service charge)

Details of Japanese Restaurant "Irifune"

Top Lounge Orizzonte

Perfect location that overlooks 36, Higashiyama peak, and stagnates under eyes, and can thoroughly enjoy ground, Kyoto of flow ... very beautiful scenery of the few Kamo River.

Place 17F
Business hours 7:00-10:00

American breakfast

Price 3,267 (it includes consumption tax, service charge)JPY

Details of Top Lounge "Orizzonte"

Room service

You can eat breakfast while having you relax relaxedly in room.

Business hours 6:30-10:00

・Western dishes : American breakfast / Healthy breakfast / continental breakfast

・Japanese dishes : Morning set meal

Details of Room service